Show us your best stuff

We are always on the lookout for amazing talent to come alongside us in building our business. Working with Flow is not your average day job though.  We are intent on creating a deep sense of community in and among our team, regardless of numbers.  We are all in it together, and recognize that our individual focus and performance will have an impact on the success of the entire team.  

Success in a position with us will require a commitment to personal growth and to investing in our team/community dynamic.  It will require a willingness to get creative, problem solve, and make things happen.  Being a part of the Flow team means being a part of a B Corporation which comes with its own perks and challenges.  Read more about that here.

If our values and business model resonate with you, and you have the skills and experience to take us up a notch in one of our service areas we'd sure like to meet you! Take some time to fill in this application to let us know a bit about yourself. This will help us to know why Flow will be even better with you on board.

Head over here for a brief description of the specific skillsets we need to help us grow right now!