open positions

This year, 2021, we will be adding 11 new team members!  We are so excited to meet them.  If you have looked over our Current Opportunities Page, and think we could work well together, keep reading to learn what skills and expertise we are looking specifically for, and what some of our "must-have" qualities are for all team members.  

A successful Flow team member:

  • Understands the challenges that come with business and/or not-for-profit leadership
  • Is excited to work on a collaborative team 
  • Engages in continuous growth and learning both professionally and personally
  • Knows their limitations and is willing to ask for support when those are reached
  • Can see clearly if and how a variety of small tasks work together to help reach stated goals 
  • Is comfortable using a variety of programs, apps, etc. to complete work and communicate effectively
  • Is proactive
  • Has a high level of skill that correlates to one of our service areas, and also has the ability to branch out as needed or as opportunities arise
  • Has years of experience working in their area of expertise, and likely has a variety of work/volunteer/life experiences to draw on 
  • Is able to engage with the idea of having a mission and vision for their own life
  • Has excellent verbal and written communication skills, and operates from a "seek first to understand" mentality

Bookkeeping and Finance Management

bookkeeping Service Manager

Apply now

  • Providing on-going bookkeeping and financial reporting services to clients
  • Creating and refining clients' business processes
  • Completion of Quickbooks Online Advanced certification will be required prior to taking on client work
  • Minimum 5 years experience in bookkeeping including an understanding of investments, and experience in not-for-profit and small business bookkeeping 
  • Reading and interpreting financial statements, and communicating options for adjustments when necessary
  • Training of new bookkeeping hires
  • Maintain excellence in service to create the ultimate win-win situation for clients and Flow
  • In collaboration with the Technical Lead, provide feedback on staff submitted reports and use mistakes as learning opportunities
  • Identify areas of improvement related to efficiency, effectiveness, impact, etc and work with Operations Manager to integrate
  • Support the completion and maintenance of best practices, policies, and procedures for the department in collaboration with the team