Flow Office Wisdom is the brainchild of April Burrows, an inspirational idealist business-hippy, and was assisted into fruition by the enthusiasm and ridiculous positive thinking of Crystal Wilson

After many conversations about the state of the world, and the number of societal issues that could be solved, at least in part, by businesses taking a responsibility for things, we decided to stop talking and DO something.   

Many iterations later, after thoughts of cafes, restaurants, and career training, a focus on business administration emerged, and Flow Office Wisdom took shape.  With roots firmly planted in the responsibility of business to do good we identified a set of values to steer us:




As part of our commitment to these values, and to  using businesses as a force for good we prioritized a few things right off the bat:

  • we operate as a social enterprise
  • all team members receive a rate of pay above the local living wage
  • we will have as positive an impact as possible on the environment
  • we will be actively engaged in our community
  • we don't work with or for people or organizations who are in conflict with any of our values
  • we will train our team in the knowledge of the Enneagram so that we can see the best in eachother and ourselves

 During our first few years in business, we honed our service offerings and gathered our tribe around us.  We concentrated on building solid relationships in our community and helping people to understand what exactly we were trying to do.  In 2015, after 3 years in business, we achieved B Corp Certification which has given us a great sense of community, and a feeling that we have landed where we belong.  We are looking forward to where this journey leads...