Social Impact

Flow is a social enterprise, which means that our goal is to make a difference, not simply to make money.  We measure our success by the creation of social value or social change.

With a portion of our income, Flow supports causes that align with our values, passions and skills.  What that means, primarily, is that we are choosy.  We give of our time and financial resources to these causes, and both of those things are really valuable to us.  Here are a few of the things that are important to us when deciding which organizations to support:

  • Causes, not Charities.  To be clear, the difference here is that a "charity" approaches a probem with the intention to solve it by bringing their own help,supplies, etc... and they tend not to be working towards an exit.  A cause, on the other hand, approaches a problem with the intention of empowering and training those affected to work towards a solution.  Don't get us wrong - charities have done good work.  We simpy feel more connected to the alternate methods used by non-charity organizations.
  • Local and Global initiatives both deserve attention, and we give it equally.  You can see in our list below that we support organizations that operate both locally and globally.  We believe strongly that the world is interconnected in such a way that renders it impossible to effectively create change when ignoring needs either locally or on a global scale.
  • Grassroots,  women centric organizations are the ones we tend to get involved with. We want to be involved in the building of communities and empowerment of leaders, which tends to happen best when women are supported to gain equality with their male counterparts.


Learn more about each of the causes that Flow has put support behind:

The Hunger Project Canada The Madagascar School ProjectChalmers Community Services CentreHooping for Hunger

If you are a business or individual consider joining us and widening the ripple affect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  If you have a cause that you feel is perfect for Flow, get in touch today.