Meet Hazel

Hazel B

If money was no issue, what would you do with your time? 

I’d like to own a self-publishing story-making business for kids and young families! I think we’re losing the art of writing and telling stories - especially for our children born in this digital tv/computer games age.  Creating their own illustrated, hard or soft-cover book, in which they are the main character, doing all sorts of fantastic things is tremendously creative. To be a “published author” at that young age can spark imagination for the future and gives impetus to be excited about reading!

What's one thing you learned as a teenager that you still use everyday? 

Don’t settle for second best; wait for what you really want.  Can’t remember where, or from whom I learned that, but I use it all the time when I’m stuck in a decision making process.


What is your favourite thing about working for a B Corp? 

Awareness and actions that work life is not just about profit at any expense.  It’s about standards: personal integrity, community reach-out and giving back, ethical actions.


What is your quirkiest characteristic? 

I text out loud. 

What is the song that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood? 

Coming Soon.