3 Hacks for Managing Inbox Overwhelm

 Are you one of the many leaders who are great at big picture thinking and maybe not so good at managing all the small tasks that need to be taken care of throughout the course of a day?  If so -  you are not alone!  

One of the ways this often shows up is in an out-of-control email inbox.   That can cause quite a lot of overwhelm and stress. 

If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs and leaders who has let their inbox become cluttered and nearly unnavigable,  let me ask you this - Wouldn’t it be nicer to experience your email inbox as a calm space that allows for efficiency and productivity? 

To not be overwhelmed before you even log in? 

To eliminate the urge to cringe every time you hear a mail delivery notification? 


If your answer is yes, here are 3 Tips to help you take back control of your inbox:

1. Create and consistently use a system

This is the most reliable way to manage your emails and make sure no to miss any of them, and make sure that tasks and obligations don’t get lost in your inbox, incomplete.  This system could involve stars, flags, folders, colour coding etc - there is no right or wrong here, just whatever works for you that you can commit to following through on. 


2. Respond to what you can as quickly as possible

This is basically Gretchen Rubin’s 1 Minute Rule, tailored for your email.   If the email is just a quick read and delete - read it and delete it.  If it requires a quick answer - send the quick answer.  If it’s a subscription or sales email you know you aren’t going to act on - delete it.  If the action required will take under a minute, get it done right away. If the action required will take longer, use your 1 minute to make sure you take the next step in the process you’re using to manage the higher commitment emails.

3. Be sure about Subscriptions 

Know WHY you’re allowing each of these emails into your inbox. What value is it bringing you?   If it’s none - unsubscribe.   Treat these the same way you treat your other emails, using the 1 minute rule.  Open it when it comes in -  you’re not going to go back later, don't kid yourself. If you open it and don’t need that particular content - delete it!  If you find a nugget of value and need to take action - use your system or take the action immediately!   (A note from the Marketing Department - this is exactly why your marketing emails need to deliver consistent value! :)) 


Following these steps should help you keep your inbox in tip-top shape - and not let it become a mess of unreads and irrelevant flags.  If you are not sure where to start, or you need to get to a clean slate before you can use these hacks - send us a message!  We can help you get started and lose the inbox overwhelm - with no judgement at all.