3 Myths About Virtual Admin Management

By Emily Bouchard


We’re almost an exclusively virtual organization at Flow Office Wisdom and we offer a lot of different services from a distance. We’ve noticed that while hiring a Virtual Administrative Manager (Virtual Admin) is becoming more commonplace - there are still some persistent myths out there, so we’re here to bust them!


3 myths about virtual admin management


Myth #1: Virtual Admins are a temporary staffing solution.

As your Virtual Admin, we can be a short- or long-term solution.  You may elect to hire a Virtual Admin for immediate needs (ex. while going through the hiring process) or to provide ongoing support of the day-to-day and get you working towards your bigger goals. There’s no right or wrong - just what you and your business need. 


Myth #2: Virtual Admins are always available.

Unless you hire a full-time Virtual Admin, they will likely have multiple clients and deadlines meaning they cannot be available to you at all times. However, this doesn’t mean your Virtual Admin will never be flexible and/or will not give their all to your work. A good Virtual Admin will increase efficiency and improve time management - you will see results even with slightly limited access. 


Myth #3: Having a Virtual Admin is difficult. 

Having a Virtual Admin is just as easy, and just as difficult, as collaborating with anyone else on your work. It will take time to train a new Virtual Admin, but taking the time needed to get the right processes in place, build trust, and establish communication rules will support both you and your Virtual Admin in working together effectively. Communication about your expectations, particularly about working hours and response time, is absolutely imperative to ensure that both you and your Virtual Admin are working together.


What are your hesitations when it comes to hiring a Virtual Admin Manager? Tell us in the comments!