3 Reasons to Review & Update Your Website Now

Would you believe that 70% of your customers’ interactions with you are digital?  It’s true!  You can give the most incredible 1:1 service, have the most amazing products, and have a killer in-house experience ready for your ideal clients, but if you aren’t nailing your digital presence - chances are you’re not going to get close enough to those ideal individuals to show them your magic and have them become repeated, loyal customers. 


While some of these aspects, (third party online reviews for example), are outside of your complete control, others are well within it, and the very foundation of what is in your control is ... your website. 

Many small business owners and leaders are under the impression that a website is a “set it and forget it” asset, and while this bodes well for the amount of time, skill, and energy most entrepreneurs have to dedicate to keeping their websites up to date, it simply does not bode well for what we know about human behaviour and expectation.  


As small business and not for profit “back office” experts, we know your time is equal parts valuable and in short supply but we also know that this is important.  So - to help you out, we’ve compiled 3 of the many reasons that regularly reviewing and updating your website is crucial to your success, and a few things you can do to keep your website performing well. 

1. Keep visitors on your site longer

The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely you are to see them become a customer.  The attention span of modern humans is, on average, 8 seconds.  Apparently that is less than the attention span of a goldfish, so do what you will with that fun fact.  What this means for your website is that every second counts. Want a few quick ways to make sure you’re cashing in on those 8 seconds?  

a.) Page loading time - Pages should take less than 3 seconds to load  

b.) Make sure the path is clear -  The confused mind says no; make sure it’s immediately clear what problem you solve, and how the viewer can learn more.   

2. The internet doesn’t stand still and neither should your website

If I look at your website today, will it look the same in 6 months?  If the answer is yes, you should head over to this blog, where we shared some quick and easy ways to keep your website looking fresh and interesting.  We know people usually need a multitude of touchpoints before deciding to purchase a product or service, and that leads to the conclusion that they will check back on your website multiple times - make sure there’s something new to keep their interest!

3. Interaction is an expectation

No one likes being talked at, and a website that simply presents information in a stagnant written format is the digital embodiment of that. Incorporate some interactive features in order to make your website a 2-sided conversation for the viewer! 

So what do interactive websites look like?  There is no one answer, and even adding micro-interactions is a great boost to visitor retention and developing brand loyalty.  At the basis of this is simply asking the user to do something, and having them receive something in return.  These can be 

a) simple actions with an immediate result - think clicking play on a video, scrolling through a slide, etc

b) Simple actions with a sustained result - think filling out a form to receive an instant download, and receiving communication based on the details provided in that form over a short course of time.

Website reviews and updates are an important part of maintaining your business, and while leaders like you often have too long to do lists already, this is a regular activity that needs attention.  Whether it's something you handle in house, or you outsource to *ahem* a team of experts that can manage it for you, taking care of your website is taking care of your business - it’s a must do.