5 Apps that Will Up Your Work Game

By Emily Bouchard


At Flow, we are a virtual office, which means that we work from wherever we are (maybe our home office, in a client’s space, or at a local cafe). So we know how to take advantage of the technology around us to get our work done anywhere.

Below we’ll explore some work tasks and the apps that can help you conquer them - whether you work on the go or in a traditional office.


  1. Scan documents without the hardware

    That’s right, you can scan from your phone and it’s nearly as easy as taking a photo! There are a few different apps that will do this for you, but Cam Scanner is a great one.

    Get your document out and lay it flat, snap the photo, line up the edges, and bam! You have a scanned document. From there it’s easily shareable to your file storage system and/or colleagues!

    Find it here: Cam Scanner
    Pricing: Free; Paid plans available for additional features
    Available on: Android and iOS


  2. Sign documents and send them along

    Forget the process you know - printing out a document, signing it, scanning it, and sending it back. Tedious. Now, you can do it all digitally with HelloSign.

    Just draw your signature and plug it into the document as needed.

    And, bonus, it works with a lot of apps you’re likely already using. For example, with the HelloSign browser extension, you can sign documents from inside of Gmail.

    Find it here:
    Pricing: Free for 3 documents/month; Paid plans available for additional features
    Available on: Android and iOS


  3. Stay on top of your socials

    Visuals are king on social media, but that can be demanding when you’re a small business. To make life a little easier, check out Ripl, an app that helps you easily mix and match photos, videos, design elements, and text together. You can even schedule and share posts from inside the app.

    RiplFind it here: Ripl
    Pricing: Free with limited features; Paid plans available for additional features
    Available on: Android and iOS

  4. Brainstorm ideas and map out your plan

    I know visuals help me a lot when I’m trying to work out an idea, but I don’t always have paper and sometimes I feel guilty using too much paper! Skip the hunt and the guilt with MindMeister.

    You can make any kind of visual that will help with your work - like mindmaps, flow charts, etc. There are templates to work from or you can freestyle. It’s also a good app to take notes in.


    Find it here: MindMeister
    Pricing: Free for 3 mind maps; Paid plans available for additional features
    Available on: Android and iOS

  5. Take control of your outbox

    Scheduling emails can be very helpful when you’re working at an unconventional hour and you don’t necessarily want to send your colleague or client a late night email. Keep your on-the-clock boundaries, even if you’re kind of, sort of breaking them in reality! Plus, there is no worse feeling than realizing that very important email you sent went unanswered. With Boomerang for Gmail, you can schedule emails for later and set email reminders.  

    When you’re sending an email later, it’s just a matter of writing your email as regular, selecting “Send Later” and selecting the right time you’d like your email to send.

    When setting reminders, you can select to only be reminded if there is no reply or regardless. You’ll never forget to follow up again!

    Also, it comes with a pop-up bar that helps you see how readable your emails are and how likely you will be to receive a response. 


    Find it here: Boomerang for Gmail
    Pricing: Free for 10 emails a month; Paid plans available for additional features
    Available on: Android and iOS

    BONUS: Focus up with Forest

    As much as your phone can be helpful, it can get distracting at times too. When you need to stick to the task at hand try out Forest.

    Keep the app open and watch your tree grow and grow. Close the app (a.k.a. get distracted) and your tree will wilt away. Day after day, you’ll grow a forest - each tree representing your focused time.

    Stay off of your phone in a beautiful way.


    Find it here:
    Pricing: Free
    Available on: Android and iOS


We hope these apps will help you with your work! It’s important to remember that there are lots of tools out there that can help you accomplish your goals, but you have to find the tools that work for you! Have fun with exploring apps to help you be more productive.

Do you have any tasks that you’re having trouble finding an app for? Or do you have any apps that have been game changers for your working life? Share your experiences below!