5 Need-to-Know Resources for Guelph Small Business Leaders

By Crystal Wilson


Hello Hustler

Image courtesy ofAl ghazali


We know that small business leaders are some of the strongest, most creative folks around.  

We also know that they need help to keep their hustle on point, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to do the research on what is available locally to help them succeed.  Don’t worry - we’ve got your back! Here’s a list of some of the best local resources for your small business. Hustle on!

 1. Do you have questions best answered by professionals?  We’re talking lawyers, insurance folk, finance masters - often times, serious consultations with professionals can carry a hefty fee that not all small businesses are able to afford.  Guelph has some great options to help with this! One is The Guelph Wellington Business Centre, which offers confidential “Ask a ______” opportunities for $20 with a few different professionals available each month. Check out what’s coming up here.

2. Do you have questions about EVERYTHING?  Curious about what funding and financing might be available for you?  Looking for a business book that will inspire, equip and motivate you?  The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre has a great page on their website dedicated to answering the most pressing questions for small business owners.  Check it out over here!  (They also have amazing workshops you should check out while you’re over there.)

3. Do you feel like there is something in your business you could really benefit from digging into?  No time to search through college course books and navigate what is available, to who, when? Look no further than Innovation Guelph’s new E-Learning Centre. They are offering courses on a pay per use system, with the majority of courses running 90 days and costing less than $100.  

4. Do you have a pile of “to-dos” that just keeps getting higher, louder, and more distracting?  Do you feel like you can’t spend time chasing after your passion and using your skills well because you are bogged down by bookkeeping, social media engagement, or the fact that you have no systems in place to help you succeed?  If you’re tired of wingin’ it solo, check out yours truly - Flow Office Wisdom.  We offer just about any service that a small business needs - bookkeeping and finance, human resources, communications, project management and more.  Let us handle the stack of distractions so you can get after chasing your dream!

5. Do you hate buying office supplies?  If you’re concerned about your supply chain, and want to make purchases that have a lower than normal impact on our environment that can mean hours and hours spent researching, ordering from a variety of suppliers, etc.  Who has time for that? Now we’re stretching our definition of “local” a little bit here, because we’re venturing into Toronto (and, you know, the internet), but The Raw Office is an easy option for buying office supplies without leaving your desk, that are among the more gently on the environment.  


We hope you take some time to check out these great resources for your business, but we know there are many other great local options to help out the Small Business community.  

What are your favourites?