B Corp Feature: Northern Village

By Crystal Wilson


We love this B Corp Community that we're a part of, and we're really excited to kick off our B Corp blog series! Throughout the year we'll be introducing you to some awesome Certified B Corps in honour of the Vote Everyday Campaign.  

First up in the series is a local Guelph gem - Northern Village Websites.  Recently certified, they have created a website platform that allows for easy editing, expansion, and no need for updates - ever. 

All B Corps are working as a force for good - here's Norther Village's Arni Mikelsons letting us know how that shows up in his business: 


C: How do you offer people the chance to put their money behind their values?

A: Northern Village helps businesses and organizations share their story and put it out so people are aware of the good things they are doing. When they work with us, they are assisting us in doing work at reduced rates for not for profits.  Our business’ values are such that we are helping wherever we can, the majority of our clients are social benefit organizations, so we get to help raise the profile of local social benefit orgs, and our for profit work allows us to support nfps at a reduced rate.


The Hunger Project Canada Website

The Hunger Project Canada's website that Flow Office Wisdom worked on with Northern Village. 

C: What are you most proud of that your business does in the name of working as a force for good?

A: We're actually getting into programming and have recently written some software to help social benefit orgs become more efficient in their administration.  We wrote software for the cfgw “free to grow” program,  that allows them to manage their whole system of applications. That drastically reduces their admin time.

C: How are people voting for change when they work with you / buy from you?

A: They are voting for a fundamental change in this industry when they choose Northern Village. We don't hold our clients hostage - our motto is “easily updated websites. ”  We create affordable websites that people can actually manage themselves! It's all about helping people be more successful. That's a change from the traditional Website development model, wherein developers make it impossible for business owners to feel empowered to work with all aspects of their website, keeping some pieces under lock and key where the developer can make certain changes. We educate and empower our clients to take on as much as they want to.