CCSC Rocks Their Blog - You Should Too

by Candice lepage

In the spring of this year the team at Flow was hired to build a new website for Chalmers Community Services Centre. Part of the goal was to liven up the look of the site and to make it more fun and welcoming to everyone. This echoes the experience of walking into Chalmers, where everyone who visits gets the same welcome and fun whether they are a client using the services, or a volunteer or donor.

To keep the website from getting stale and to allow an opportunity to share key information regularly, a blog feature has been added to the site.

I went in last week to teach the staff how to use their new blog and they got very excited about how easy it was and the implications of using it! Since I visited and taught them they have already published 3 times.

A blog can strengthen your website’s effectiveness many times over. Here are 3 examples of how a regularly used blog can help your business or organization:

  • Increase your Search Engine Results. Because the Chalmers site is brand new it is not very high yet in the results when looking for the name of the organization or any keywords. Blog posts will help in two ways. One, by having new content added regularly a search engine will find the site to be more timely and relevant than one which hasn’t been updated in years. And two, since search engines now punish websites for keyword stuffing (adding a word like “food pantry” into a page more times than it would be used in a natural sentence) you can use articles written about particular topics to make sure you are showing up for the most important searches your clients will be using.
  • You can write long pieces you wouldn’t write as a social media post on Facebook or Twitter, or even in an email to your list. You can also go the other way and write a short piece that you might have used as a Facebook post in the past. The benefit of posting it as a blog post on your website rather than a Facebook post is that now the person reading it is on your site. A 150-200 word Facebook post with a great picture might lead to many likes and comments on your Facebook page, but after someone does that they just continue scrolling down their Facebook feed. If they’ve clicked a link in your post to read more at the website they might take another action, like volunteer, donate or add their name to your mailing list.
  • You can engage your staff and volunteers. Asking people to write an article about a topic they really care about can be a nice break in their regular work routine. It also shows you care about your staff and honour what they care about. Every person has a different reason for choosing to work or volunteer at your organization, so why not celebrate them!? Re-invigorating staff’s reasons for working is easy and rewarding for staff and your organization as a whole.

There are many other reasons why keeping a regularly published blog on your site is great. But it can be hard work to create new posts consistently. Building a team and a plan is key to getting the most out of your blog. Call or email to learn more about how we can help you get the best results from your website and blog.