Client Spotlight - La Luma Salon & Academy

by crystal wilson

La Luma Team


Guelph is full of amazing businesses -  that is a fact that simply cannot be argued. We've realized recently that there are many hidden gems that we have the good fortune to know, and so, in the spirit of sharing, we continue our Client Spotlight series!  This month, we are featuring La Luma Salon and Academy, a downtown Guelph salon and Private Career College dedicated to having a positive impact on every person who walks through their door; students, salon guests, vendors and employees alike. They are truly an inspiration, and we are thrilled to feature them during Small Business Month.   


La Luma is both a teaching facility for budding stylists and a bustling full service salon.  Guests can expect to be warmly greeted, and have a full team of stylists providing advice and encouragement during their visit.  The vibe between the stylists on the floor, whether it is a “student salon” day (save some dolla’ bills!) Or not, is one of collaboration, shared passion, and enthusiasm.  This is no accident. The leadership at the Salon has made a conscious choice to curate a very specific environment here.


In conversation with Christy Munro, Director of Education and Leadership, of La Luma Salon and Academy, it becomes clear why they have been such a joy as a client - our values are in fantastic alignment!  The leadership at La Luma is intent on creating within their students and staff, an inclination to think globally. There is an expectation for everyone in the business that they do not default to “what is best for me?” but that they always consider other more global factors such as

  • What is best for the community?
  • What is best for the business?
  • What is best for the team?

This takes a number of different forms.  Most notably, and most distinctive in the competitive world of hairstyling, is the way that the salon team approaches client care.  In many salons, it is commonplace to encounter a sense of high competition between stylists, with each holding tightly to their client base.  At La Luma, it is not uncommon for a stylist to book a client with a colleague who has a higher skill level in a specific area of service. Certain stylists have a real knack for fantasy colours, men’s cuts, or blondes, and that is A-OK at La Luma.  The best for the job is who gets the job. Because that is what is best globally.


The experience one has when undergoing a service at La Luma directly benefits from this approach.  From the warm welcome, to a random stylist asking if you’d like a beverage, to suddenly having a whole “posse” of stylists consulting on your service, it is a very inviting and collaborative space to be in.  The intentionality of Christy and the rest of the leadership team is key to this being the case.


The lessons learned and applied in this regard do not impact only the internal operations of the salon, which is incredible to see.  There is no “us vs them” mentality present in La Luma’s relationship with other local salons. Rather, there is a firm belief that there is enough for everyone. It is not uncommon for other salons to call La Luma inquiring about whether they have enough of one product or another to share, to help the other salon make it through to their next delivery.  This is not standard practice within the industry, but is a symptom of La Luma’s intentionality and insistence on considering the global impact of their actions and decisions. It is collaboration at its core. The La Luma team even helped to celebrate the grand opening of a new salon in town ( by all rights, a competitor), recently opened by a previous student.  


What would it look like if all businesses bought into this idea of abundance? If all of us thought about what was best for the global good? Believing that there is enough for everyone and that it’s OK to send a prospect elsewhere if another business’ specific service offerings, products, etc. are a better match for them.   

We’ve got a much better chance at success if we are in this together - and La Luma is a fantastic example of what that can look like.