Creating Beautiful Images on Zero Dollars

by crystal wilson

Sometimes scrolling through social media feeds and emails full of beautiful images made me irritated.   How did these start ups, and entrepreneurs who I assumed had low budgets shell out the cash to have these creative masterpieces designed to promote their offers, or display their favourite sayings?

I had a bad case of image envy for a long time.

But then I learned a secret: Those images don't have to cost a lot of money - in fact they don't have to cost ANY money.  And you don't need to have a designer create them - YOU can do it. By yourself. 

There is a free tool available called Canva that enables you to take control of the visual materials associated with your business.  It is free to create an account, and many of the design pieces (backgrounds, layouts, text banners, images, etc...) are free.  Those that are not free cost $1.  It is free to create your design, and if you use any of the pieces with a cost associated you are asked for payment when you are ready to download your creation. 

Canva has templates for a variety of different imaging needs:

Simply select your template, or assign custom dimensions and you are ready to begin using their intuitive toolbox and get creating. 

If you make the decision (which I recommend) to join their mailing list they will send you incredibly helpful tips for using their software, and for creating the most eye catching designs.  There are plenty of tutorials for those of you who are design shy, and there is a great support function for when you run into trouble. 

This is a fantastic resource, and has proven useful for me on a number of occasions recently.  I put together the cover image for this event in about 2 minutes, and it didn't cost any money.  Does it get better than that?

Go ahead and play around with Canva!  You'll be glad you did - and I would be thrilled to see what you create!