Crystal's Favourite Podcasts

by crystal wilson


I don't know about you, but sometimes I need to hear actual people talking about their successes and challenges to really believe them. I mean, I love a good book, but there's something different about actually hearing the raw passion and courage in the voice of an entrepreneur.


I was definitely late to the podcast party, but they have recently become a part of my daily routine. I listen on the way home from school drop-off, while I make my lunch, on the way to pick up the kids, and whenever I need a little amp up during the day. Honestly, I might have a problem - but it's not the worst problem to have, right?



Podcast Listening

Image courtesy ofMelanie Pongratz


Here are a few of my favourite business podcasts to tune into:


How I Built This

This podcast, put out by NPR has featured some incredible guests, and digs into the stories behind the creation of some of the most iconic brands and businesses of the current landscape. You can see my B Corp bias shining through in my list of favourites:


Sept 10, 2018 - Live Episode with New Belgium Brewing Company


May 21, 2018 - Bob's Red Mill


Dec 25, 2017 - Patagonia


Goal Digger

Hosted by Jenna Kutcher, this podcasts caters to the ladies, and focuses exclusively on stories of powerhouse females and practical business advice from the host, a photographer turned marketing guru.  The episodes that have impacted me most are:


Episode 108: Radically Change Your Business with this One Simple Method


Episode 156: From Bootstrapped to Booming Business


Episode 183: How to Host a Challenge That Grows Your Biz for Free

The Going Scared Podcast

This one is hosted by Jessica Honegger, founder of fellow B Corporation, Noonday Collective. This show features a variety of guests, who sometimes speak directly to principles of business, but who more commonly lead the listener through their journey with this key underlying message: Everyone is Scared. Just do the things. You'll be in great company.


Getting Out of the Cocoon: Becoming the Leader You're Meant to Be with Jo Saxton


Endurance for the Long Road with Jennifer Pharr Davis


What's Got Your Attention? Curt Steinhorst Brings Us Back From Distraction

The Rise Podcast

So, truth be told, I will get on any train being led by the woman hosting this podcast. Listening to this one makes me want to dream bigger and get out of my own way. Practical business advice coupled with a no-nonsense coaching approach make listening to these episodes just the kick in the pants you've been looking for:


The Online Marketing Tips You Must Hear


10 Business Principles from the President of Distribution at the Walt Disney Company


Steps to ACTUALLY Achieve a Goal


Which podcasts are your business podcasts?  Which ones should I be adding to my list?  Let me know!