Customer Appreciation in a Small Business

By Crystal Wilson


We all call them different things, customers, clients, guests, patrons, or something else altogether, but we all know this one very real fact about them: 

Without them, we would have no business. 

It's really as complicated and as simple as that. 

With that in mind, I'm wondering whether we are as intentional as we could be about expressing gratitude to them. 

I  mean, they are what allows us to keep doing what we love, right?  I know we have something to do with it, but without them, what we do doesn't have the same impact and it certainly doesn't pay any bills!

This year especially, the people that have stuck by to support small businesses, whether by purchasing, making connections, sharing and engaging with your content, or cheering you on in any way - they deserve an extra dose of gratitude I think.  You too?  Awesome. 


Thank You Card


I know you're busy so we put our heads together over here and came up with a list of thoughtful, creative and low-investment ideas for you to show a little extra appreciation to the ones who keep you going this holiday season.  


1. Feature some key individuals in your communications!   

Do you send out a newsletter?  Create a customer highlight feature to add to your content rotation.  Active on Instagram?  Start a #FeatureFriday tradition starring a different customer or supporter every week!    This is a very low investment of time and dollars but will pack a big punch -  the impact of feeling seen and honoured can be monumental. 

2. Host a virtual shopping party! 

This works best of course if you have a product-based business.  Select a group of individuals to invite to this private event, being sure to include your hype squad, social media champions, folks who consistently refer friends to you, and of course, your big spenders.  If you have a brick and mortar location, host the party from there and take your guests on a tour of the merchandise, do a little behind the scenes, and have some fun together.  If you are primarily an online company, set up some of your product in an appealing way at home, and mimic the "in-store" experience.  Bonus points if you arrange for snacks and beverages to be delivered to your guests so you can all enjoy refreshments together 


3. Who doesn't love getting mail? Probably no one. 

No one you should trust anyway ;)  With the great shake-up that is 2020, throwbacks to tradition and connection can go a long way.  Something simple and thoughtful like a beautiful handwritten card with a personalized message cannot be underestimated.  If you want to take this one up a notch, let us help!  We've had a blast creating some customized cards for some of our clients and would be thrilled to do the same for you.  Check out some of our work in the image above and then reach out if you'd like to work together to create something for the folks who keep you going!