Entrepreneurship is...

By Crystal Wilson 

I have seen this quote so many places over the past few years.  It lifts my spirits every time.

Entrepreneurship Quote and coffee

Why does this matter so much?  And what does it even mean?

I don’t think it means that you work long hours for a few years and spend the rest of your life sailing the mediterranean and gallivanting around Paris.  Well, for some it might I guess.  But not the vast majority of us.


What do these first few years look like?  Based on personal and corporate experience, there’s:

  • Imagining, dreaming
  • Feelings of wonder at how great this will be
  • Doubts
  • Fears
  • Gathering a tribe
  • Realizing that wasn’t your tribe and finding a new one
  • Night sweats and heart palpitations
  • “Perfecting” your pitch
  • Riding a rollercoaster
  • 12-22 hour days
  • Lots of coffee
  • Shoestring budgeting (and still eating Ramen noodles constantly)
  • Hearing this song and dancing harder than you used to because THAT’S NOT YOU ANYMORE!



And what does it look like after those first few years?


Kinda the same.  But better.  Here’s the list I’m living, and continuing working towards:

  • Imagining and dreaming even bigger
  • Living out a desire to create and support a thriving local economy
  • Creating communities, and relationships, rather than treating the humans like transactions
  • Choosing who to work with
  • Working evenings and weekends because I choose to
  • Fear
  • Still lots of coffee, but now it’s Fairtrade because I know that’s important to the entrepreneurs who grow those magical beans
  • Growing confidence
  • Riding a rollercoaster
  • Going to cross-country meets, and field trips without (much) hassle
  • Feeling like this might not have been such a crazy idea after all

Being an entrepreneur means I chose to live my life like most people can’t and that to me means with purpose and intention. Things don’t happen to me anymore, they happen because of me. I am the person who decides what to do, how to make a difference, how to spend my time.

Maybe you are an entrepreneur too?