Fundraising as an Act of Kindness

If you have ever been placed in charge of a fundraising initiative, you might relate to these statements:

  • “It has been a hard year for everyone - how am I supposed to ask them to give?”
  • “I feel like a nag!”
  • “Come ON Mrs. Jones, it’s a chocolate bar. Who doesn’t want a chocolate bar?” (This is definitely based on a 7th-grade version of me desperately trying to raise enough money for my grade 8 trip.)


Flow Office Wisdom - Fundraising is an act of kindness


Fundraising can bring up lots of varied emotions and reactions for both the one doing the asking and the one being asked.  Depending on your approach it can feel exciting, incongruent, deflating, enticing, satisfying, soul-wrenching…. You name it!  


What would happen if you internalized this belief and worked from it?


Fundraising is an act of kindness. By and for both the fundraiser and the donor.  


How does that feel?  A little weird?  Of course, it does, it’s different. But just sit with it a minute.  What could change for you, as a fundraiser or as a donor, if you gave and received based on that belief?  


We think it would change everything.

All human beings want to contribute to something, it is an innate desire.  You, in your work as a fundraiser (or as an ED who wound up with fundraising in their portfolio…), get to provide people with an opportunity to contribute.  This is kind.  This is a gift.  


All human beings want to feel seen and valued.  They want to know that others care about what they care about.  As a donor, you have the opportunity to, in saying “yes” to a fundraiser, acknowledge that the cause they are presenting to you is of value.  You are telling them that the research they did to identify you as a great potential partner for them was a job well done.  And you are of course contributing financially to an organization that will continue to do amazing work, benefiting who knows how many.  This is kind.  This is a gift.  


So go ahead, try this mindset shift and see what happens!  Also, come back here and let us know about it because we can’t wait to hear how it works for you!