Google Reviews: The New and Improved Word of Mouth

By crystal wilson


In 2017, Podium published a report stating that online reviews influence the buying decisions of 93% of people.  Not surprisingly, over 80% of the individuals utilizing online reviews are looking to *drumroll* Google for the most trusted content.  Yelp and Facebook land in 2nd and 3rd place for use, but don’t even come close to the amount of eyes on Google Reviews.  People report that they put as much faith in Google Reviews as they do on personal recommendations from people they know in real life when making purchasing decisions.   Aside from being the new “word of mouth”, an excellent collection of  Google Reviews for your business will also help to increase its Google ranking, and give you a direct connection point to learn what to continue doing and what could use improvement straight from the mouths (keyboards?) of your clients and customers.    


Ok Podium. Message Received.  Google Reviews = Important.


Why Google reviews are important for your business


Of course, like me, you probably already knew this but doesn’t it help to have a reminder every now and again?  Some new, hard facts to support your inner knowing can really get the motivation revving to take on (or outsource!) these tasks that get lost so easily in the day-to-day.  


Here’s the thing with Google Reviews - they don’t just happen.  Most people are willing to leave a review, but they aren’t likely to do it of their own accord.  They need to be asked.  And it needs to be made easy.  While it is a small call to action, it is still a call to action.  You wouldn’t ask someone to sign up for your newsletter without providing a direct link, and you wouldn’t make someone jump through hoops to make a purchase, and if you ask for a review, it’s important to approach it the same way.  


The Flow Communications team encourages our clients to work this call to action right into their scripts and processes.  This makes consistency much easier to achieve as the request quickly becomes a habit! Need some help to get started? We’ve created an email template for you to use in your request for reviews!  Feel free to download it, add your own personal touches and brand-aligned language and incorporate it into your client relationships!