Grown Up Halloween

by Crystal Wilson

Anyone have a candy hangover?

Halloween GroupI have so many awesome memories of Halloween and I am so glad to get to help my children make them too. I’ve been sad to see the dwindling numbers of trick or treaters reported from various neighbourhoods in the last few years - what other opportunity do you have to meet your neighbours and frolic in the streets?

Our little family made sure to prepare our house in as spooky a way as possible (which is not very spooky - I have a 6 year old) and were ready with treats for kiddos and hot apple cider for their parents. Chris, from the Flow team (who also happens to be Great Aunt Chris to my children) joined, us dressed up as her former profession - Sheet Metal Worker, and we hit the streets. We were super excited to meet a few groups of people along our trek who are also out to “Bring back Halloween!”  

We ran into Those Pizza Guys offering up fresh cooked wood fire pizza (OMG you guys, so good. Check them out this Friday at Royal City Brewery - they have Gluten free too!) and an awesome group of housemates who passed out homemade fudge and “grown up” apple cider. Each of these groups took time to chat with all the trick or treaters, and are obviously playing an important role in cultivating community. This is my jam guys, and I am so happy when I see people putting themselves out there, getting involved, and being neighbours for real.