Guelph's Good Giving Guide

by Candice Lepage

As a B Corporation we are always very aware of the impact we have on the world around us. Sometimes we want to minimize our impact, like in waste, and other times we want to increase our impact, like in building community.

The holidays can be a difficult time to make choices that  align with our values, but luckily, with a little planning and help, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some ideas for giving local gifts which align with your values.

Good Gift GuideIncrease your Impact!


Gifts for people who want to pay farmers, trades people and manufacturers a living wage

Grey Rock Clothing Co - sweat shop free and fashionable clothes!

Planet Bean Coffee - fair trade beans! Try Cafe Feminino which is a co-operative coffee farm owned and operated by women in Peru


Gifts for people who want to improve wellness in third world countries

Grosche which donates materials to create access to safe drinking water with every purchase of coffee or tea accessories and products

Lucky Iron Fish which send a fish to a community in Cambodia with their Buy One Give One deal


Gifts for people who want to build community

Make a donation to 10 Carden St's Indigogo Campaign in someone else's name

Make a donation to help restore the Petrie Building facade


Gifts for people who want to encourage more artisan crafts

Royal City Brewing, Dixon's Distilled Spirits and Cox Creek Cellars Inc which are all delicious, small, Gueph made alcohol crafters 

Try some upcoming local craft shows - Merrymaking At the Market (Wed Dec 21) or the Guelph Holiday Vintage & Makers Market (Sat Dec 17)


Reduce your Impact

As though those gifts didn’t already come with significantly less packaging than your average discount or department store buy you can also find:

Gifts for people who want to share experiences

Taste deTours tasty tours of downtown Guelph

Sign up a family member at Air-U or Riot Axe

Buy a year long membershipto The Board Room - enjoy hundreds of games without needing to buy or store any of them


Understand Your Impact

Gifts for people who want to celebrate and preserve the nature around us

Membership to the Guelph Hiking Club

Membership to Nature Guelph

Make a donation to help preserve The Old Growth Forest at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre


Go out and cast a vote for the kind of world you want to live in!