Happy New Year?

by crystal wilson

Traditionally, at least in much of the western world we mark January 1st as the beginning of a new year.  Now, this may be what the moon, pagan traditions, and Roman history dictate, but I don’t buy it.

There is no transition involved in the marking of the New Year on this day:  December 31st is incredibly similar to January 1st.  There is no significant difference which would inspire us to make changes and embrace transition in our own lives. 

I think that the real New Year falls on the day after Labour Day.  Regardless of the fact that summer still technically exists for another few weeks, Labour Day weekend is somehow more significant than other weekends in the year, and yields the power to immediately make us feel a change in the air.  Breezes seem the slightest bit cooler, we might notice that one red leaf on the tree down the road, and a huge transition begins for us. 

Whether or not the school year affects you at this point in your life doesn’t appear to make a difference.  Those of us who are seeing children off to school have a very hands-on indicator that change is afoot – routines come back into play, structure once again becomes a necessity, and everything is different.  Even friends of mine who have no children are making strides to de-clutter their lives, set new goals, and begin new projects.  Now, yes, many of us do make “New Year’s Resolutions”, but these are different.  New Year’s Resolutions tend to be quite general, and similar from one year to the next :  lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking etc…  The ambitions we identify in September are more structured, detailed and concentrated:   begin a new project on day “a” and finish it on day “b”, get a promotion within three months, learn a specific new skill within a certain time frame. 

It seems that it’s not just me that has noticed this trend towards September as the real turning point in the year.  Check out this article that the Financial Post ran yesterday and you will see the pattern is quite well documented.

So what goals are you setting for the new year that started yesterday?  Haven’t given it much thought yet?  Here are some suggestions:

·  Hit a new sales target

·  Sign 3 new clients in the next 4 weeks

·  Use 30 minutes of your day to practice gratitude for the life you have

·  Volunteer with a local charity around Thanksgiving or Christmas

·  Organize your office space to create a space you love to be in

FLOW’s team is gearing up for a big year in 2013/14.  What are we up to, you ask?  Here’s a sneak peek:

·  Professional photo day for business people who are in need of a fresh and creative photographic representation

·  An exciting collaboration with a local musician in support of The Hunger Project Canada

·  Offering seminars for our clients and other local small business and solo-preneurs on relevant topics such as insurance, bookkeeping, self care, etc…

·  Meeting a target number of community members each month with whom we can build relationships and expand “the ripple effect”

How do you view this transition time? 

What goals are you setting for yourself and your business?

Do you agree that the switch from August to September is a more significant inspiration for real growth and transition than January 1st?