Hearts In The Right Place

by april burrows

Passion…heart…where is our heart in our work, in our businesses and organizations?  You will find the heart in dreams, hopes and concern for the common good. Locating it is not so easy in driven-ness and compulsive activity.  

I believe, as humans, we are wired to contribute and to be and/or bring something good to the world and to others.  We may get sidetracked or “off” track sometimes with our needs to make an income, to feel important or to “succeed” (whatever that means?).  That’s ok. It’s part of the journey.  But we must be intentional about getting back on track. 

Look inward you entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and all you good people. What moves you? What moves the people around you? What do you love?  Through the answers to those questions you will begin to tap into the “heart” of the matter and see things from a different perspective.  Now bring this new sight into the good work you are doing - those meetings, the sales calls - and watch those stale places come to life.