Hello, HelloFresh!

by crystal wilson


I’ve been hearing about HelloFresh for a long time - a lot of the youtubers and podcasters I like promote their service. My opinion was always swung on the pendulum between “How can that possibly make a difference?” and “Well, isn’t that a fancy luxury I’ll never take part in.”   


Cut to my husband bringing me home a promo code for a free week (“I hear this name on that murder show you listen to so I thought you’d like it…”)


I placed my order for our free week, and selected the recipes that seemed the most appropriate for our family.  Then I did a full grocery shop for the week we were to receive our delivery, even though all our dinners were handled - I didn’t believe it was going to work for us.  I couldn’t see spending over half of our grocery budget for dinners alone. But I was more than willing to try it out - I like new things!


Do you want to know what I was surprised to observe about myself yesterday, the day our box was to arrive?   


I was SO productive.  I made decisions without flinching.  

I noticed this part way through the afternoon, having been super focussed for an abnormally long amount of time. Today is going in a very similar way.  

Do you know why I think this is?


I didn’t have to think about what to make for dinner.

This box of food was also a box of sa-weeet freedom.


I am a working mom, primarily working from home, and my household responsibilities are staring me in the face all.day.long.  One of the biggest ones that looms over me is dinner. It seems so silly to say, but my attention steers away towards it frequently. The simple benefit of knowing that dinner was already planned, and partly prepped, made an incredible difference in my day. Not having to make decisions about these things freed up space in my mind to create, and to blast through my tasks.


This new discovery makes me want to figure out some other ways I can remove this distraction  and discover how to overcome some of the others (anyone know a service that will come to my house and fold the never ending laundry?)


What are your main “work from home” distractions?  What keeps your mind so busy that you aren’t completing your work tasks the way you want to?  How have you overcome them?