How to Reclaim Your Time

By Crystal Wilson


There is a lot of buzz around outsourcing and virtual assistance right now.  This is a great sign that business leaders are identifying ways to free up their own time and really dig into the tasks which feed their passion and work out of their area of genius.  The idea of having to hustle hard and work oneself into oblivion in order to find success in business is being challenged!  Hallelujah, am I right?  


As with anything new (or new-ish) there is a learning curve, and we want to help clear up some of the basics here.  Namely, how do you know whether the best fit for your situation is a virtual assistant or an outsourced specialist?  


Reclaim Your Time_Flow Office Wisdom


The most effective distinction, based on our experience, is this:


If you have systems, processes, and goals assigned for the task/area you are looking to delegate which will allow someone new to be set up for success in completing it, a virtual assistant will serve quite well.


If the task/area you are looking to delegate is not factored into your overall plan, does not have assigned goals, and belongs to the “ I don’t even know where to begin” category - you need an outsourced specialist.  


Here are a few examples:


You realize that your email management is not as effective or as efficient as it could be. You recognize that if someone could help you keep on top of your inbox, the world would feel much lighter.  Now, how do you decide whether you are looking for a virtual assistant or an outsourced specialist? Do you know how to give someone access to your emails?  Do you have a clear method of identifying which emails receive what level of prioritization?  Do you have “canned” email responses to send for commonly asked questions? If you answered Yes to these questions, a virtual assistant should be well-positioned to help with your email!  If you answered no, you would be best served by outsourced administration management; someone who will help you get the systems in place, and get your email under control while those systems are being created. 


You KNOW you should be posting and engaging regularly on social media.  But you don’t really enjoy it and you definitely don’t have time to give it the required attention.  You’re ready to get some help!   But what kind?  Let’s see.  Do you have a marketing and/or social media plan to work from?  Do you have a branding guide, or basic brand standards identified and documented?  Have goals been set for your social media?  Do you know how to measure success?  Do you have branded imagery, stock photos, etc for someone to use?  If you said yes to these questions, a virtual assistant with a good understanding of the platforms your plan identifies for use should be just what you need!  Did you answer no?  An outsourced specialist, or team of them, is your best bet.  The best bang for your buck will come from the implementation of a well-resourced plan that they can help you build. 


So, if you’ve been thinking about getting some help in your business - good for you!  This is a huge step!  Hopefully, this has been a helpful read for you,  If you’re still wondering which type of support is best for you, send us an email and we will be glad to help you determine what might best meet your needs!