How To Train Your...Self?

by crystal wilson

 Go Team

We are about to embark on what I believe to be one of the more intimidating aspects of running Flow - we are adding to our team.

Every time we do this I freak out a bit - we’ve worked hard to create the company culture we have and I get worried, honestly, that if I bring in the wrong people they might wreck it.

Blow it all to smithereens.

It’s a bit dramatic, I know, but it's an honest report of what goes on in my brain.


This time, mid freak-out, I remembered how much love and work we have invested in our hiring process and the years we have spent refining it to make sure we find the candidates who are the best fit for our team.  I also happened to be reading a book that was supposed to be not work related, which had an absolute gem in it. On page 20, of Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, I ran across something that I kind of knew, but seeing it in writing stopped me in my tracks - Don’t you love it when that happens?


“Each person on my team had to be vetted, and each role had to go through a couple of people before we got it right. Everyone had to be trained and had to train me right back on how to manage them and be a boss”


So - I’m not a failure because our hiring hasn’t always worked out? This happens to other people too?  What an obvious thing to have to read in order to believe right!?

The even greater understanding that this quote brought to my attention is this:

It’s not only up to a new employee to learn the culture and integrate well into a new job.

The amount of focus we put on onboarding and training new employees well, should be mirrored in how much time we as leaders spend getting to know how these new recruits learn and communicate best, how we can be their best boss, and the best ways to support their success.

I’m working at revising our onboarding process to incorporate more of this, and I’d love to know some of your tactics for learning how to be each employee’s best boss.  What has worked best for you? What definitely doesn’t work?  I'll share later how our new strategies work out.