It's Not Easy Being Green (or crushing goals)

By Chris Sprague


June is bike month! One of our team members, Chris, has set a goal for herself around riding her bike to work instead of driving.  She lives out of town, so this is an especially lofty goal as far as the rest of us are concerned.  Recently, she became aware of the internal dialogue that was taking place, and it's impact on her ability to meet this goal.  Keep reading for a peek inside Chris' mind, and try to see where your self talk is leading you as you work towards meeting your own goals. 

June is Bike Month
OMG!! Look at the time! I don’t have time to ride my bike. I’m going to have to

...I want to ride...

There’s not enough time!!!!! I won’t get to the next job until 11:45. It will cost me 2 hours to ride my bike today.
...but I was going to ride...
I can ride another day. If I don’t drive I won’t have time to get enough work done. Besides it might rain....
Well, it will definitely be easier to just hop in the car.
Sure will. I’ll hafta put my bike away now.
Wait a minute! It’s not going to cost me 2 hours! It’s a half hour drive! It will only cost me half an hour each way – 1 hour!
Still, it’s late!!!! I need that half hour to get some work done! It’s late!!
I can work until 6 pm. That’s a lot of time to get it done.
And then I’ll be riding home in the dark.
It won’t be dark by then. I need the exercise! And it’s stupid to drive a car when I can ride. Besides it’s Mileage May! I’m tracking my mileage by each transportation method.
I’m not s’posed to be swaying the data. That’s not a good reason.
I need the exercise!! The time doesn’t matter, the bike is more environmentally friendly. I can just ride...
Don’t be silly!! Look at the time!!
I should ride.
It might rain!!
Maybe I could just get on my bike...
(And on and on ad nauseum)