It's the End! Let's Ready Ourselves for a New Beginning


cozy coffee

Image courtesy ofKira auf der Heide


As we near the end of the year, folks tend to fall into one of two camps: 

Do you feel a general “slowing down” at this time of year?

  • What’s not yet done can wait
  • Everything will get done in time
  • Get cozy and hibernate with some coffee / rummy eggnog (depending on time of day?)


Do you find that there’s just not enough time to get everything done?

  •  Everything has a deadline and
  •  Taking time off means working like mad beforehand to accommodate
  •   Fit in every party and event you can, regret it, and make it through via coffee /   rummy eggnog (depending on the time of day/)


The one aspect that hits us all in December as we measure against 2018 goals and expectations, is that as a business, and personally, there are 2019 aspirations that we need to realize, make permanent, and put into effect. My personal goals seem to have an ongoing sameness: health, harmony, balance, breathing. I’ve got to do something about that “balance” bit ......


From a business perspective, our team went through tremendous growth in 2018 - yes, we added 5 new people late in the year!!  Now we need to make sure that while our culture stays intact, we make room for new thoughts and ideas, new technology, different perspectives, and embrace the possibility of change. We need to make sure that not only new members, but stalwart OG team members get their professional needs met. How do we achieve this and continue growing the business? How do we satisfy the needs of our clients and enhance their business? How do we adapt yet still stay the same? Is “same” possible?


In a blog series we have kicking off in January, we’ll take a look at emerging workplace trends for 2019 that will affect your small business or organization the most.  As a start, look at those pre-teens in your homes, or gangly young adults slogging it through finals at university who are about to return home, both groups endlessly glued to their devices. Generation Z!  This group is already affecting, and will continue to affect, the workplace currently operated by late Baby Boomers, GenX, Y, and Millennials!


In the series we’ll address

  • the tech and labour shortfall about to slam Canada,
  • re-centralizing the work force,
  • university education versus online,
  • ever-available quick bite learning,
  • artificial intelligence and robotic process automation


And that’s just the start of it! Let that sink in. It’s time for that egg-nog. Happy Holidays!