January Is Not Magic, But YOU Just Might Be

By Crystal Wilson


Why is it that we associate Januaries and Mondays with an opportunity to make change?  We’re always starting the new project, the new program, etc on Monday or in January, but who is it that said we need to do that?  There have been resounding cries for months now of “I need this year to be over already” and “Ugh, 2020” and “2020 is cursed!”   but all that nonsense will just keep us stuck.  I don’t like stuck, how about you?  



Here’s what I propose.  Turn it around for yourself.  And don’t wait until some prescribed time to do it, do it now! Why not choose to have a better tomorrow than today was?  Or a better afternoon than your morning was?  You literally have the ability, right now, to make any change you have the ability to make next Monday or in January.  This is especially crucial in business - many things take time to build and show their impact, so if you are delaying the start, you’re also delaying the positive impact.  


Wondering where you can start?  Well, as usual, we’ve got some ideas.


  1. Start with Gratitude - The difference between a "great" or "meh" day / week / year / life, can be made or broken by gratitude.  Getting up in the morning and identifying some things you are grateful for can be a game changer!  It can help you begin to see the good more clearly, and it gives you something to fall back on when things get rough.  As Jen Sincero says in You are a Badass “You cut yourself off from the supply of awesomeness when you are not in a state of gratitude.”  More gratitude = More awesomeness.  That can start any time! 

  2. If you’ve been stuck and waiting for a lot of Januaries and even more Mondays, maybe it’s time to look into getting a coach!  Someone to stand in your corner and ask the right questions, hold you accountable, and help you uncover the things you’ve forgotten about yourself.  Flow’s Founding Partner, April Burrows, is a DreamBuilder Coach and has availability for 3 Free Strategy Sessions in January 2021.  You can take a step today and apply for one of those spots by heading over here.

  3. Decide to do something each day that will move you towards one of your goals. It could be; research, getting a connection to a specific industry, delegating a task, dedicating 30 minutes of your day to brainstorming, or a multitude of other things. Just decide to take action.  And then follow through. Today. 


There is no need to waste any more time waiting.  This year has been hard, absolutely.  But it has also been wonderful, and you have 31 more days to add positivity points to 2020.  And we all know it needs them, so let's get to work!