Love is Best for the World

By Crystal Wilson


B Lab’s Best For The World Honoree list was released this week, and we are so thrilled to once again be included in the Best for Workers category.  There are a lot of factors involved in how we have scored high enough in our BIA to receive this honour, and we’ll go into that further in another blog.  For now, I just want to lay out for you what exactly it is that has fueled the creation of this workplace that has been deemed worthy of a Best for the World Workers honour: 


It’s love.  

Blog Post - Love is best for the world

Image courtesy of Renee Fisher


It’s just as simple and as complicated as that. While this is definitely not a word that is used very commonly in the business world, it is one we hold on tight to, and one that we try to base every decision out of.  


Now, Love at Work can be an odd thing to think about, so we asked our team how it shows up here (or how it should, if it’s an area we are not so good at right now)  and here is what they came up with:   

Blog Post - How Do We Love


We will be working diligently throughout the coming year to add even more love into the work that we do together and with our clients.  It’ll probably look like celebrating more, pushing one another to be our best selves, and formalizing some processes to support our team in feeling successful.  There can never be too much love, right? How will you incorporate this taboo business word into your work?