Maybe you don't recognize me - My name is Opportunity

By Crystal Wilson


Regardless of where you land politically, it cannot be said that the current Canadian Government did not make a significant statement.  Today, March 27, 2020, a few weeks into the declared Global Pandemic that is Covid-19, the Candian Government has clearly stated something that we want to remind you of right now. 


Your business matters. It is worth saving. You, along with your team if you have one, are capable of weathering this storm and coming out stronger, better, more resilient. 

The government is placing a high priority on keeping small businesses running (if safe and responsible to do so) and keeping employees employed during this time. They have presented wage subsidies, deferred corporate tax payments, deferred HST / GST payments, and created support payments for those ineligible for EI (meaning many business owners), among other things. 


They believe that your business is worth saving.  And so do we. 


There is an option right now to see these relief efforts as one of three things:

  1. Not enough
  2. A life preserver
  3. An opportunity


Our invitation to you is to receive this as an opportunity within this time that is, let’s face it, overflowing with challenges!  


Hi! My name is Opportunity


What difference will it make to your business to have your tax payments deferred a few months?  Is there a product you can create in these next few months that will generate more than you’ll need to pay the larger amounts later and still see increases in your profits? 


What difference will it make to your business to be full of loyal and engaged employees who did not have to endure fears over possible layoffs, who were able to consistently bring the same amount of money home that their family has always counted on because you took advantage of the wage subsidy to avoid layoffs? 


What can you and your staff do to work ON your business at this time where you may have been mandated to stop working IN your business? What new streams of revenue can you dream up and execute together now? 


What magic can you make out of this pile of confusion? 

There are tools that you’re being given, there are tools that you already have, and there are things brewing in you that others need. 

All of those things add up to one thing - Opportunity. It’s here. How will you welcome it?