Meet The Bs? Yes Please!

by crystal wilson

We hosted our second B Local SW Ontario meetup last month and we are noticing a few things:
1) Flow, Borealis, and Cupanion are a dream team of planning these things. We have so much fun, and the two events so far have gone off without a hitch. It’s been just stressful enough to know we’re doing something ;)
2) People will drive a good distance to discuss important things with like-minded people. I was a bit worried initially about whether the B Corp folks from outside of the Guelph/K-W area would be willing to participate simply because it’s a long drive – but we have had representation from across the region at both events (Ellipsis.Digital, Engine 74 I’m looking at you!) and it’s been great.
3) Smaller scale city does not equal a smaller scale crowd – we have had great attendance, even when compared with B Corp events in larger cities. And our NOT small crowd, raised $510 to donate to WaterAid Canada through this event!
4) When you pack a group of like minded, passionate innovators into a room they do not need to be entertained. The conversation at last month’s event was constant, high energy, and organic.

A highlight of the evening of course was our guest speaker, Steve Beauchesne from Beau’s Brewery inspiring the crowd with the story of how Beau’s came to be. Some of the parts that made the most impact on me were the stories about their company helping out the competition. From lending fermenters to another brewery, to giving (yes GIVING) an old bottling line to another one, these folks know the meaning of community and of supporting one another into success. That philosophy is integral to how Flow Office Wisdom operates, and is the main reason why we are taking on the task of bringing together South Western Ontario’s B Corps – we need to build a strong community and support each other into success.

Do you have questions about how this way of being together can be a building block to a successful business? Got any suggestions for how to build a stronger B Corp community? Chime in!