Meet Mic

Mic Grondin

Mic Grondin, Consistency Knight / Technical Lead Bookkeeper

If money was no issue, what would you do with your time?  
Money is never an object, yet more a means.  But getting to the point, I would travel. I enjoy meeting people and understanding culture. 

What's one thing you learned as a teenager that you still use every day? 
Defensive driving is one thing I learned in my teenage years and still employ today in all aspects of my life. Be prepared with alternatives and look ahead for changes that might need to be initiated.

What is your favourite thing about working for a B Corp? 
This is something new and so understanding what working for a B Corp means by understanding its culture and motivation.

What is the fun fact you pull out at parties or in a lull in conversation? 
I try to work into appropriate conversations that I am the sexiest man alive, as I believe it, and when I have enough other people say it we together hold the stellar truth in mere mortal form. 

What is the song that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood?