New Beginnings

Here we are as promised, with our first blog, on our new website, for our new business.  And it’s January of a new year:  how’s that for new beginnings?

FLOW is a new business, and we think we’re a new idea too.  We’re a virtual business administration company.  We support small businesses and not-for-profits by providing project management, business administration, communications and strategic management services.  We work virtually, and are available to help you whether you do business around the corner or in another time zone. 

Our blog is another new beginning.  We’ll use the blog to bring you helpful business concepts and trends, and ideas that we think will support your work.   And we invite you to join the conversation:  please give us your feedback on the ideas we’re putting out there, and your perspective on questions that you encounter in your business life.  Maybe we’ll find some answers together—or create some new enthusiasm.

And there’ll be more new beginnings to follow, so keep in touch—on our blog, or on Facebook.  We’re having a mini-launch on January 29 here in Guelph, and we’ll keep you posted—you can join us in a new beginning.