Our 3rd Bottom Line

by crystal wilson

I know we have written before about being a triple bottom line company, and describing what that means, but we have most often focused on the "people" part of that (which I believe we classify as line #2).  If you have missed those posts, check out this one, that one, andthis page here, if you want to know more.

Let's take some time to talk about the third bottom line: Environmental impact.  It's a trendy thing to talk about these days, but we are committed to not just talking about it - we are committed to taking action, and bringing others along for the ride.

Here are some of the things we have been working on in this area:

    * At every team meeting (once/month) we assign a specific amount of time to discussion around climate, and environmental stewardship.  Sometimes this is used as a brainstorming session around ideas that we would like to investigate. Other times one team member presents information they have gathered on a specific topic.  Most recently,Emily spoke about what the process would be for us to commit to purchasing carbon offsets as a way to move toward becoming carbon neutral.  We are now diving into more details about it, and will likely put a plan into action in the coming months.  You'll definitely read about it here when we do!

    * We have mentioned before that each FLOW team member has undergone a home energy audit by eMerge.  We have maintained that as a requirement for any new hires, and we are each committed to keeping the recommendations based on those audits front of mind.  The audits cover everything from heat, electricity, and water use to food,  transportation, and business/work practices.  It is quite a thorough assessment and well worth investigating.  Click here if you are interested in booking your own audit!

    * We are partnering with amazing companies that have a focus on environmental stewardship too!  We are all for collaboration and an issue as big as our environment will only be corrected by like-minded people working cohesively toward the same goal. 
NewSpring Energy is one business that we are excited to be partnering with.  They help restaurants and small businesses move toward sustainable business practices, and help them foster good community relationships along the way.  FLOW and NewSpring will be offering some great packages and interactive events  in the near future, so stay tuned for more information!

FLOW's commitment to triple bottom line is unwavering.  That doesn't mean that it is always easy to find the right balance, and we know that there will be times when one "line" gets a higher priority than the others.  We are determined to remain transparent and authentic as we go on this journey, so feel free to ask us how it's going at any point!  Any one of our team members would be happy to fill you in on the latest ideas and accomplishments. 

How are you taking steps toward better environmental stewardship?
Do you have a suggestion to fuel FLOW's next "third line" brainstorm?