Personal Mission

By crystal wilson


You know how sometimes, things just don’t feel right? Like you're spinning around, doing things that need done, but never feeling like you’re getting anywhere?


This, of course, could happen for a lot of reasons, but I would like to present one that isn't explored as often as it could be:




I don't know about you, but I have only really looked at the idea of a “mission” as something pertaining to businesses, not for profits, religious groups… not individuals so much.


But, it turns out, having a personal mission statement and weighing decisions based on it can help manage that awful feeling I described in the opening paragraph.


So… how do you go about deciding on a mission statement?  There are lots of great systems for this. Forbes compiled a great list of methods used by members of their Coaches Council - Take a look over here for that.


The keys to keep in mind, regardless of what process you use, are to

  • settle into self awareness, 
  • be excruciatingly deep and real,
  • resist the urge to compare your process to another’s.  


All of the Flow team members are working on creating their personal mission statements over the next month or so - I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with.  You should join in the assignment too! Let us know how it goes!