Social Impact - Holiday Food Drive

by laura-lee & emily


Flow’s Social Cause Program was started in October of 2018. This initiative is intended to empower our staff to be an active part of our commitment to giving and the causes we take on as a team. We also hope that it will help us to grow as a team. Every quarter a staff member or a group of staff members is asked to choose a cause, develop a plan, and engage the whole Flow team with their cause.  Our first ever project in this Social Cause Program was developed by Laura-Lee McKeown, who has been with Flow from the very beginning.

Flow is passionate about the work that Chalmers Community Services Centre does for our community, and Laura-Lee, our resident Deadline Diva, is no exception.  Chalmers Community Services Centre is a local not for profit organization that provides emergency food, clothing, and support to members of our community. On a tour of the new Downtown location, Laura-Lee learned that Chalmers Community Services Centre was not able to provide canned meat as an option to their guests due to budget restraints and she saw the opportunity to help.

Over the past 3 months, Laura-Lee has been running a Can ned Meat Food Drive. She  challenged the Flow team to collect canned meat, by donating themselves, asking their friends, families, and neighbours to participate, and by sharing the opportunity with their Flow clients.

And the results are in! The Flow team was able to collect 390 cans!  We’d like to give a special thank you to Clean Cut Energy, a Flow client, that contributed 40 cans of meat!


How we did it 

Here at Flow, we value the opportunity to work with so many great causes, and to always be learning  from our clients. Laura-Lee has shared her top three takeaways from organizing this Canned Meat Food Drive!

  • Identify and Share the WHY

Find your allies and engage them through regular communication.  Share your passion for the cause – people will be excited and motivated by your authenticity and zeal.

  • Small Actions = Big Impact

Remember that your small actions do have impact, even if you don’t always get to see it. (In this case, we did see the impact, and it was awesome!) Work as a team to meet your bigger goals. Things that may seem unmanageable by yourself, feel within reach when you’re working as a team.

  • Celebrate Wins

Stay in the moment and celebrate a bit! Don’t rush off to do your next project without first celebrating a little – a high five, a happy dance, we don’t mind!  Any success is a success and should be celebrated! Also, we don’t really believe in “failure”. A “failure” is just an opportunity to learn, and that’s a hidden success in our books!

Stay tuned for our next Social Cause Program report in March 2019! Share with us your company’s social impact programs and/or your ideas for a social cause one of our team members might take on! We’d love to hear from you.