That Third One Is Tricky

by crystal wilson

If you have been following FLOW for awhile now, you have probably heard us say that we are a triple bottom line company (...and also - Thanks! We are glad to have you along for the ride, and really appreciate you taking the time to read these!).

Two of those bottom lines are pretty easy for us to track. We have data to back up both our financial bottom line (as any businesses should) and our line for social impact. That particular data for 2014 is represented in the image below:

The Numbers are in!

That third bottom line though, the environmental piece, is much more difficult to track. It certainly doesn't show up on any Quickbooks report!

One of our goal's for 2015 is to track and make available our data pertaining to FLOW's environmental impact. This is a monumental task, as our team members work primarily from home - that's a lot of locations to measure! So we decided to break this up into smaller,more manageable projects. We will be focusing on a different aspect of environmental impact which is relevant to our business activities every two months. Our hope is that this will give us enough time to develop the programs and processes necessary to measure our impact as a team as efficiently and accurately as possible.

So,where does one start? We have decided to begin by tracking our transportation. We are already in the habit of tracking mileage for some contracts, so this seemed like a nice gentle introduction for the team. We created a spreadsheet and made it easily accessible for the whole team. Each team member has been asked to document how many days each week we worked. Then, we will be documenting every kilometer we traveled,and how we traveled it - alone in a car, carpool, bus, walking, biking, etc... Collecting that information for a few months will give us a good picture of our starting point. Then we will set goals for improvement, and hold ourselves accountable by sharing the information with you! We are really excited to start tracking this journey!

What can you challenge yourself with? What part of your environmental impact can you measure and then work to improve?

Have you already implemented this in your business? Tell us about your experience!