This is Why You Need to Hire a Professional Photographer

By Lauren Kenney


When someone lands on your website, before they have read a single word, they have already  for better or worse developed an opinion based on what they see, about whether your business is going to be right for their needs. A poorly framed, blurry cell phone picture is not going to instill the same amount of confidence as a professionally taken image that says, “Hey, we are competent and will meet your needs.”  Your brand’s first point of contact with potential clients and customers usually happens in one of two ways, they are referred via word of mouth or they find you through a piece of marketing that you have created for the specific purpose of introducing them to your business and the cool work that you do. Even if you don’t know it, your brand’s reputation is reliant on the imagery and words that you send out into the world on your website, in print, and on social media.

Flow - Photo by Yeganeh Shahpourzadeh
Image courtesy of Yeganeh Shahpourzadeh

It is, of course, true that hiring a professional photographer is more expensive than not hiring one. If your business is just starting out, sure, ask a friend with a nice camera to take some pictures, but if you can afford to hire a professional - do it! An experienced professional with a trained eye will deliver a selection of beautiful, edited images,. They will help you to put your best foot forward when interacting with your customers and show off the awesome work that you do. 

When you’re in talks to hire a photographer, confirm what the price they are quoting will include: 

  • Is it for a  set number of hours?
  • Is it for a certain number of photos?
  • Will the photos be edited/unedited?

Make sure that you know what you’re getting so that your expectations aren’t different from the reality.

Flow - April Photographed by Little Gold House Designs v2    Flow - April Burrows

A behind-the-scenes shot of April Burrows being photograped by Little Gold House Designs (left)
and one of the photos of April taken by Little Gold House Designs (right). 

If hiring a photographer is something that you are considering, drop us a line! We would love to talk through the process of choosing a photographer and how to plan for your photoshoot.