Three Ways To Make Millennials Want To Work For You

---Well, for a while anyway

by crystal wilson

A few weeks ago we partnered with B Corporations Borealis Grille and Bar and Hemmings House Pictures to present a dinner and screening of The Millennial Dream. The film explores the purpose of work in the lives of Millennials and compares it to the traditional “American Dream” of the past.

There’s a lot to take away from the film, including what business leaders can do to impact our communities in beneficial ways. Understanding what the employees of the new economy want from their work will put us well on the path towards sustainable and ethical business practices.

But the Millennial Dream is not only for those in the millennial generations, it is a complete societal shift for us all and communities as a whole need to adjust how they behave to attract the innovative and energetic people chasing it.

Local businesses are a great source of influence in communities that can and do lead the change. Here are 3 examples of how businesses are adjusting their practices to make themselves more enticing to someone seeking out the Millennial Dream.

1)      Adjust hiring processes and expectations
Traditionally we have looked at short stints at various employers as a bad quality on resumes.  We need to understand that many people now will only remain in a job as long as they feel they are making a valuable contribution.  This may mean that after a certain project that drew them in was finished, they moved onto the next place they felt most able to make a meaningful contribution.  This is a positive indication.

2)      Think about non-traditional incentives
Appreciating your employees with community garden shares, safe secure bike parking, access to showers, etc… will go a lot further than performance based financial bonuses

3)      Engage in your community
No longer do we expect an employee to begin and end their career with one employer. We cannot act as though they will never move on from our company. Get to know your employees and help make sure they are given work that highlights their talents and helps them feel as though they are making a valuable contribution. Get to know your business community and encourage relationship building and cross-pollination between them and your employees.

Many B Corps have these three things already ingrained in their business practices. One part of the Impact Assessment is based on how employees are regarded and treated.  Policies like these 3 are commonly found in that realm, but we can always do better.   What are some of the ways that you and your company do, or will, seek to authentically engage those seeking after the Millennial Dream?