Turn it Up!

by crystal wilson


If you ask my family, they’ll say I’m lying.  But I am not an overly loud person.

Don’t be fooled - I can make a lot of noise.  

But that’s not exactly the kind of loud I’m talking about.  One of Flow’s goals for 2018 is simply “Be Loud.”



It keeps evolving as we go through the year.  We keep finding new ideas and inspirations that link right back to this statement.   


While it seems like such a basic goal and could likely come very easily to some, both April and I have recognized recently just how leery we can be to actually do it.  It’s scary. It requires vulnerability (unless you’re doing it wrong), and it means we have to really believe in what we are saying (again, unless it’s being done wrong). After some reflection together, we realized we have those two things nailed down - so what is is actually that is holding us back?  

We don’t know.

And so, we are charging ahead despite our natural inclination because no invisible can’t name it thing is going to be the boss of us!


Be Loud


So here are three ways that we are working to Be Loud this year:

1. We’re going to celebrate!  

We do some pretty awesome stuff and we rarely talk about it.  Did you know that we

  • Are financially transparent with our entire team?
  • Treat the civic holiday as a statutory pay day for our team members?
  • Provided pro-bono services to some local NFP and business start-ups?
  • Are expanding to serve clients across North America?
  • Have a flat business model which means no “race to the top / survival of the fittest” attitudes or motivations can exist on our team?

Well, now you do, and we’ve got a lot more awesome to share with everyone in the next year.

2. April and I are going to get out of our comfort zones and do the things we really want to do but have been nervous / “too busy” to actually do.

For April, this means that she will be working on her public speaking and crafting some specialized talks to present at opportunities that we know will reveal themselves.  We’ll also be launching an awesome new *free* Flow offering beginning this Fall - so keep your ears open for that (ps that’s a hint).

For me, that means that I am taking time this year to dig into writing and submit pieces for publishing in external publications, look for guest posting opportunities, and do what I can to get my words wherever people can read them.  


3. We’re going to talk about Love as it pertains to business

Did I lose you there? I hope not, because this one is important. We have, from the very beginning, built the business on a foundation of love.  That’s not normal talk in the business world, and we get that. It’s the reason that we have stayed quiet about it for the last 5 years - we have believed that others would not be receptive to it, and that it could cost us,  But...not anymore. This is the backbone of who we are and what we do. It’s what anything we have have succeeded at has been rooted in. So we’re going to talk about it. A lot. Loudly.


What have you been quiet about?  Take a moment to think about whether that has been holding you back from reaching your potential.  And if you want, tell us about it! We’d love to hear what you have to say.