We're the BEST!

By Crystal Wilson


Well, one of 187 bests anyhow – it is awesome company to be in, and we’ll take it.

Last year we were so proud of our local Guelph B Corp colleagues, Lucky Iron Fish and Grosche when they were given well deserved slots on the B Lab Best for the World list.  Seeing our friends on this list inspired us to earn a spot on it as well – and since we didn’t actually have any idea what the criteria was for doing that, we went the route of just trying to be better wherever we could and cross our fingers. 

Being better is hard work.  First of all, there’s that pesky bit about identifying your shortcomings – never a fun time.  Then there’s goal setting and follow through.  None of this is easy, but it is all worth it in the end – It paid off, and we increased our Business Impact Assessment (BIA) score by 5 points during our 2017 recertification! 

BIA score 2015BIA score 2017


Recently, we were reminded of our hard work when we were advised that we had joined the ranks we were striving for!  Flow Office Wisdom has earned a spot on the Best for the World list under the category of Workers!   Earning a place on this particular list means that we are among the top 10% of B Corp businesses in regards to employees.  

We have worked so hard, and both April and I have willingly sacrificed many of the “perks” typically associated with being at the “top of the ladder” (spoiler alert – we knocked the ladder on its side, so that whole “top / bottom” deal isn’t even a reality for us) so that we could offer our staff employment that was rewarding financially, personally, and professionally – and we do not regret it.  We are so proud to be an example of how a business can reach success while placing utmost value on staff treatment and experience.  We have been, and will continue to be vocal advocates for fair employment practices, living wage as minimum wage, and an inclusive economy.   We can see where we fall short currently and have plans to continue to improve. 

Thanks, B Lab, for the recognition, and a big congrats to all the other honorees in all categories who are doing a bang up job of using Business as a Force for Good!