What Kind of Hungry

by crystal wilson

Each of us is hungry. 
We may not all be hungry for the same thing, but there is no arguing that as humans, there will always be something, even a small thing, missing in our  lives at any given time.  Many  people worldwide are hungry for their most basic needs – food, “basic” human rights, consistent safety/shelter. 

Others in the world have those needs covered in spades. 
Their hunger comes from a different place.  These people are hungry to make a difference, to feed their souls, to see their gifts shared. 

An organization forged in 1977 has brought these two groups together in an amazing way.   The Hunger Project has set out on  a journey to end chronic persistent hunger.  This is a huge goal, but their  leadership has every faith that it is realistically attainable. They have  developed an incredibly effective strategy.   They have put into play the use  of the world’s greatest resource – people.   They recognize that each person is valuable, regardless of what society has said, or continues to say.   The Hunger Project recognizes that there are gifts that each one of us brings to the table, and they have committed  local staff in each of their focus areas who work to help others discover what  they can do. 

Which one of the hunger categories do you find yourself in?  Are you in a place in your life where you are not sure where your next meal might come from?  Are you living in a suppressive environment?  Or are you one of those people who are hungry for the opportunity to contribute?  Hungry to share the gifts that you have received?  If you are in one of those places, or even somewhere in between, know that you have a purpose.  You have gifts.   There are people in your community who have an interest in feeding your hunger, whichever variety that may be.  

**Portions of this post are from Crystal's article in the April 2013 Issue of 1000 Trees.  To read the article in it's entirety click here**

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