Why Do You Do It Pt. 2

by crystal wilson

We talked a few weeks back  about determining a “why” for your business. 

I promised to expand on the motivational benefits that can occur when a business goes this route. 

I think you’ve waited long enough - Let’s jump back in shall we?

Identifying and prioritizing a "why" can help to:

Motivate yourself:

*   Having a defined purpose provides you with a goal that is more than simply creating and maintaining a successful business.   If your business fails you might be tempted to make excuses (not the right time to be offering a particular service, not enough demand in the market right now for your product) and back away for a time -  but there will be a greater push to immediately re-evaluate and move forward if there is a strong connection between your business and your moral integrity.  

*   It is never easy to accept defeat as a business person.  It is even harder to do this when you have a deep moral investment in the success of the product or service that you offer.  You will take even more calculated steps to ensure you launch a product at exactly the right time, or market your service to exactly the right demographic if you are fully committed to something beyond your pride, and the “bottom line.”  It is harder to give up and easier to push the limits when you really believe you are doing something for a reason.

*     Here’s what our Chief Dot Connector, April Burrows has to say:
“I’m wired to contribute -  however, I need to make a living.  (Social Enterprise) combines (the fulfillment of) my needs as well as the needs of others and how I want to make a difference in the world.  I couldwork for someone else and then volunteer.  Social Enterprise is the best of both worlds.  It also gives me focus and helps me live out the core values of FLOW and my own personal core values.  Lastly, it helps with attracting staff that are a fit for myself and FLOW and (I suspect) will help keep them.”

Motivate your staff / team members

*     The people who work for you will work harder if they know they are working for something more than just building a business for you.  If they see you as simply “the boss” and your company as “their job” they have little motivation to strive for excellence with you.  Sure, they will do their best, because they need to keep their job, and people generally do not like to disappoint.  However, if your staff sees themselves as partners with you in achieving something greater than a paycheck, you will be amazed at the lengths they will go to in order to move closer to a realization of the “why”.  It is a great idea to have your staff give feedback to you as you work towards the discovery of what your “why” is.  

*     I am lucky enough to be a member of a team that knows the “why”.  We began the company with nothing more than the “why” and it has given me a much greater desire to push past the frustrating aspects of trying to build a reputation, find clients, and generally just get things off the ground.  If I didn’t have the knowledge that my commitment to the success of FLOW will have a direct impact in the lives of underprivileged women all over the world, I know I would not be working as hard as I am to get things started here.  Don’t get me wrong, April Burrows (our Chief Dot Connector) is one of my greatest friends and I would work hard to help her no matter what.  But knowing that it is not just about her, or me, or the other team members, but that we are striving to serve a much greater purpose makes me want to do all that I can to see this through. 

Motivation of current and prospective clients

*     Many people want to “do good”.  Often times they find that this requires money and other resources that they simply do not have access to.   If people can “do good” while spending money that they would already have to spend that’s like killing two birds with one stone! It’s like multi-tasking!   Making it known that your company has a purpose, and is working toward bettering this world makes people feel good about spending their money with you.

*     People are relationally driven.  If they cannot connect with you on a human level they are less likely to do business with you.  If you are open about what your team is really working toward you create an image of yourself - and subsequently, your business - that clients can easily relate to.  That makes your company much more desirable to a greater number of people.  

What currently motivates you, either in your business or private life?

Have you started the journey to determine the purpose of your business?  Have you shared the journey thus far with anyone?  What type of  feedback have you received?