Hello, HelloFresh!

September 11, 2018 — by crystal wilson I’ve been hearing about HelloFresh for a long time - a lot of the youtubers and podcasters I like promote their service. My opinion was always swung on the pendulum between “How can that possibly make a difference?” and “Well, isn’t that a fancy luxury I’ll never take part in.”      Cut to my husband bringing...

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How To Train Your...Self?

September 4, 2018 — by crystal wilson   We are about to embark on what I believe to be one of the more intimidating aspects of running Flow - we are adding to our team. Every time we do this I freak out a bit - we’ve worked hard to create the company culture we have and I get worried, honestly, that if I...

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Client Spotlight - Smitten Apparel

August 14, 2018 — by crystal wilson Tucked away in the corner of the plaza at Grange and Victoria is a Guelph treasure. Holly Mastrogiacomo has created a community hub of impact that is spreading far outside the walls of her consignment boutique, Smitten Apparel.  The shop is 9 years old, and has become a “go to” spot for many men and women in...

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Personal Mission

August 2, 2018 — By crystal wilson   You know how sometimes, things just don’t feel right? Like you're spinning around, doing things that need done, but never feeling like you’re getting anywhere?   This, of course, could happen for a lot of reasons, but I would like to present one that isn't explored as often as it could be:     I don't...

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Maybe This Summer We Don't Make Ourselves Crazy...

July 26, 2018 — by crystal wilson’s summer time. The sun is out, BBQs are fired up, and the kids are home from school. I’ve never been the parent who dreads having the kids home for these warm months - I love having them around and being able to take part in their adventures.  That being said, this balancing act of being, simultaneously,...

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5 Easy Tricks to Reduce Your Bookkeeping Costs

July 18, 2018 — by crystal wilson   Cutting down on costs is a simple way to improve your cash flow and profitability.  Here are 5 easy ways to save some green on bookkeeping costs - because why pay more than you need to to find out how much money you have?   1. Unfold your receipts! And make sure they are actually receipts...

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We're the BEST!

July 11, 2018 — By Crystal Wilson   Well, one of 187 bests anyhow – it is awesome company to be in, and we’ll take it. Last year we were so proud of our local Guelph B Corp colleagues, Lucky Iron Fish and Grosche when they were given well deserved slots on the B Lab Best for the World list.  Seeing our friends on...

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Turn it Up!

May 25, 2018 — by crystal wilson   If you ask my family, they’ll say I’m lying.  But I am not an overly loud person. Don’t be fooled - I can make a lot of noise.   But that’s not exactly the kind of loud I’m talking about.  One of Flow’s goals for 2018 is simply “Be Loud.”     It keeps evolving as...

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Facebook Posts that Work - 3 Quick Tips

May 16, 2018 — By Crystal Wilson   Are you posting and posting and getting nothing but crickets? Here’s a few tips that we share with our clients, that just might help you as you develop your Facebook strategy:     Photo by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash     1. Keep your posts short... or long When writing a "text only" post, mid-length is to be avoided....

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Wait, That's Not What This Book is About!

April 26, 2018 — by crystal wilson I made myself a goal this year, inspired by Candice, and it is oh so lofty for someone who has only just re-entered the realm of books that have (almost) no pictures and multisyllabic words. I decided (and told so many people!) that I would finish 52 books in 2018. Audiobooks count. It’s April, and I am...

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